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Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: MindWare
Price: $24.95

Twangled centers around eight colorful elastic bands, a spinner, excellent communication skills, nimble bodies and open minds. Players take a color band and stand in a circle facing inward, taking care not to stand next to a band of the same color. With the spinner in the center of the circle, players hold their own band with two fingers of their right hand and their clockwise neighbor's band with two fingers of their left hand. The circle is now closed. The first player "kicks" the spinner and performs the over or under action as indicated - without letting go of the bands. Play proceeds clockwise until each player has kicked the spinner twice and performed two actions. The group is then officially and fully Twangled. The last person to complete a move, is the first to lead the group in the un-Twangling process. Players call on their best communication skills to direct their team members how to return to the original formation, without letting go of the bands they're holding.

Our testers were thrilled. They played by the original rules, the three variations suggested in the instructions, and went on to invent their own versions. Twangled is both physically and mentally challenging. It involves cooperation, listening and communication skills. We saw some players speak up and persuade the group to listen to their solutions, sometimes with heated debates, but always with fun at the core. Twangled is a team builder with players who know each other, and an ice breaker with those who don't.

Innovative, challenging, collaborative fun.

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