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Plum Landing

Plum Landing

Fall 2017 Website

Plum Landing is a free PBS Kids website for children aged six through nine years, featuring a wide variety of games, videos, pictures, and activities, designed to teach children about environmental science. Plum Landing focuses on a purple alien named Plum and his new earthling friends, a group of (illustrated) boys and girls, excited to learn about the world around them.

For example, in Feed the Dingo, children are provided a bank of plants and animals and then create an ecosystem that they must grow and keep healthy. This teaches children, in a hands-on way, not only about animal habitats and diets, but also the fact that loss of one plant or one animal in an ecosystem can have a domino effect on all the others. There is also a fun Nature Sketch Pad that includes colored paints, drawing and painting tools, and various animal/nature-themed pattern stamps. Pictures can be sent to friends or saved for later view. The videos feature Plum and his earth friends exploring various biomes such as mountains or safaris. The fun, short videos are full of interesting vocabulary and facts.

The website's Parents section includes enrichment activities in both English and Spanish, but it also includes helpful videos on topics including how to get kids involved in outdoor activities, how to be safe outside, and some easy to implement suggestions. The Educators section provides access to all the website's digital content, animations, videos (which require Adobe Flash to run) of real families outdoor exploring, and classroom sessions.

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