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Lullabies For Little Ones

Lullabies For Little Ones

Fall 2017 DVD
Ages: All Ages
Producer: Hap-Pal Music

If it's true that music soothes the soul, expect Lullabies for Little Ones to perform a similar function for reluctant bed-timers. This DVD compilation of lullabies runs roughly 40 minutes long and features gentle, yet musically rich, tunes performed by pioneer children's musician and educator Hap Palmer. Expect a few tried and true lullabies like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Teddy Bear Ball, buoyed by Palmer's original ballads.

Fourteen songs in all are visualized through music-video-style montages showing everything from nature scenes to animals to a diverse collection of children and families playing together. Overall, the production value in these sequences is unremarkable, due mostly to the mixed bag of stock footage that makes up the montage visuals, but a few songs do include higher-end production elements, including puppetry and stop-motion and traditional animation.

Mr. Palmer's website includes additional items to help families make the most of this DVD: song lyrics, downloadable sheet music, coloring pages, and teaching aids, particularly ones focused on using music and movement in early childhood education; many of these items are free.

If you're looking for music to play in the background as a kind of soundtrack to peaceful family moments or you're hoping to find a magic formula to help an over-stimulated child unwind, Hap Palmer's Lullabies for Little Ones can help to set a mellow mood.

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