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Georgia Race Through Time

Georgia Race Through Time

Fall 2017 Online Video Game
Ages: 10 & Up
Gaming System: Online

Savannah Harper has been invited to participate in the Georgia Race through Time Scavenger Hunt and she needs help. In the free, online game created by GPB for grades six and higher, players receive six envelopes with clues to the location of artifacts from important periods of Georgia history. As players move around the map of Georgia, they learn and practice important map-reading skills including directions on the compass, longitude and latitude, and so forth. At each location, players must complete challenges to unlock artifacts. These mini-games provide facts about historical events and figures in Georgia. In one game, players are provided a series of statements which they have to read and categorize as fact or fiction. In another, they are provided a series of events and have to put them in order of cause and effect. There are also mini-games in which they ask a historical figure five questions to help identify the individual. In addition educating children on Georgia history and geography, it also requires players to use deductive reasoning to successfully complete the mini-games.

Although the game is clearly educational, it can feel more like a homework assignment or classroom activity than a game. Additionally, we would like to have seen help, in the form of hints or more probing questions, to guide players through the learning process.

Sharon Heuscher   ©2017 Parents' Choice
Sharon holds B.A.s in English Literature and Ancient Studies as well as a B.S. in Psychology. She is currently a masters-level trainee in Clinical Psychology specializing in neurodegenerative diseases. For the past thirteen years, Sharon has focused primarily on raising, educating, and nurturing her five children who range in age from three to thirteen.

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