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123 Awesome Park

123 Awesome Park

Fall 2017 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Developer: Papumba
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPhone

123 Awesome Park, an app designed by Papumba for children aged four through six years, features Lio and his friends, Emma and David on a number adventure through the park. The app teaches children number names, shapes, and quantities as well as one-to-one correspondence in short, entertaining games. The numbers and respective groups of objects appear on screen and are spoken by the narrator on a regular basis, letting children make connections between the written and spoken number as well as the quantities they represent. Number puzzles help teach the shapes of the letters, tapping and counting frogs and ducks in the pond hones one-to-one-correspondence, and moving through mazes connect-the-dot style helps with number tracing skills as well as sequencing. The games are short and manageable and the illustrations and animations are bright and colorful.

Statistics collected by the app include: the number of times played, minutes played, games started, and number games completed. This information allows parents to track their children's progress as they work through the games activities.

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