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Mundo Verde/Green World

Mundo Verde/Green World

Fall 2017 Music
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Producer: Coil Records
CD Price: $15.00

Ben Gundersheimer, aka Mister G, continues to set the bar high for quality children's music; his eighth and latest CD is one of his best. Mundo Verde/Green World is a bilingual celebration of the Earth, the environment, and humans' connection with nature. It's also a multicultural celebration, as he collaborates with friends from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, as well as the US. Starting with the percussion driven title track, Mister G sings of the wonders of nature, and our relationship with it. The salsa propelled "Agua/Water" praises the planet's water systems, and reinforces our need to protect them. The reggae tinged "Patas en el Aire" or "Paws in the Air" serves as a reminder that we share the planet with many other living things, and it is followed by a witty bi-lingual spoken piece about "Reciclando/Recycling." The rainforest of Puerto Rico is evoked in the horn laden Merengue of "El Coquí/The Frog" while "Cuántos Peces/How Many Fish" is a delightful counting song, and "Las Abejas" speaks about how "The Bees" are some of the most helpful and misunderstood insects. Songs such as the Bachata style "Gozar/Enjoy" and the deeply funky "Si Se Puede/Yes We Can" are life-affirming anthems. "Pachamana/Mother Earth" uses a voice and percussion lead chant to explain how there is just one Earth for everyone. This festive album concludes with the slinky rumba lullaby "Las Estrellas/The Stars," and features a beautiful trumpet melody that will enchant children of all ages. The CD is housed in a beautifully illustrated, eco-friendly sleeve, with liner notes, and a suggested link to Mister G's excellent website, where song lyrics and translations can be found. Not only will children want to revisit this wonderful album repeatedly, parents will surely find themselves keeping it spinning long after the kids have left the room.

Lahri Bond   ©2017 Parents' Choice
Lahri Bond is a father, a writer, music historian and an art professor in Western Massachusetts. His published books include Spinning Tales Weaving Hope (with the Stories For World Change Network) for New Society Press and People of the Earth (coauthored with Ellen Evert Hopman) for Destiny Books.

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