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Tad's Get Ready for School Book™

Tad's Get Ready for School Book™

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Price: $21.99

Tad's Get Ready for School Book is a plastic carry-along book with 12 thick, durable, coated (and coded) cardboard pages. Each page has different activities, such as numbers from 1-10, the alphabet with corresponding pictures, colors, shapes, animals and feelings, all designed to get ready for school. One setting allows the child to touch a picture and hear what the image is, another quizzes (i.e. "find the TEN carrots!), and yet another plays silly songs when the pictures are pressed. The book has a handy carrying handle, and two volume choices. Children can turn the hour hand of the schoolhouse clock and see how many "clicks" remain until big sister comes home from school. Well priced, portable, and age appropriate.

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