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Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair

Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair

Spring 2001 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Harriet Lerner
Author: Susan Goldhor
Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
ISBN: 0-06-024683-9
Hardcover Price: $15.95
Franny B. Kranny loves her head of long, frizzy red hair, but, with a family reunion about to take place, her mother insists that something must be done with it. "Put it up on her head and make it neat," she instructs the hairdresser, and that's exactly what he does. When, en route home, a bird takes up residence in the new hairdo, the fun begins. Franny B. creates a sensation and lands on TV. Helen Oxenbury's spirited illustrations give the heroine the star quality she deserves. Franny has charisma and is likely to make lots of friends.
Selma G. Lanes   ©2001 Parents' Choice

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