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4-in-1 Stroll & Grow Tek Trike™

4-in-1 Stroll & Grow Tek Trike™

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 9 months - 6 yrs.
Manufacturer: Vtech
Price: $99.99

Designed for children from nine months to three years old, the Stroll & Grow Tek trike can easily morph from real wheel steering parent driven stroller to a training stage, and from an independent pedal powered trike to "drifter" settings for more experienced and confident riders. From lights, sounds, and nursey rhymes to understanding left and right directions, and road safety, the "tek" features change with the stage of the rider. The sun canopy, safety straps, and drink holders are among the accessories that are removable as the child progress from stage to stage.

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