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Beyond Tablet

Beyond Tablet

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 3 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Beyond Screen Ltd
Price: $199.00

Time was that measuring "intelligence" was how well a student performed in school topics such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. More recent research has proven that intelligence is a much broader topic than previously understood. In fact, theories of multiple intelligences, such as those pioneered by Howard Gardner, suggest that in addition to traditionally known skills, there are other intelligences such as musical, kinesthetic, and even social intelligence. Beyond Tablet is a great example of how producers of educational toys, games and apps market are putting the research into practice.

Beyond Tablet is an innovative, touch-sensitive twist on the traditional game board. It features 324 individual, pressure-sensitive touch points that detect objects such as cards, blocks, and game pieces. Games are determined by placing special game maps on the board. And, it features wifi-connectivity to enable automatic system updates and game data uploads.

The Beyond Tablet basic package includes the touch-sensitive tablet, instruction book, a power adapter, and five games/game maps: Yes or No, Happy Circus, Happy Tunes, Play Do Re Mi, and Tong Tong Cha. Yes or No is a yes/no question game in which one to four players answer a wide variety of knowledge questions. Happy Circus requires children to remember and play back increasingly long sequences of circus-themed noises. Happy Tunes is very similar to Happy Circus and requires players to remember increasingly long sequences of musical pitches. Both Happy Circus and Happy Tunes are great for working memory, attention, concentration, and focus; Happy Circus is also great for teaching pitch recognition and discrimination, important concepts in learning music. Play Do Re Mi has players follow the lights to play familiar songs such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat; it helps to hone focus, attention, concentration, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and manual dexterity. Finally, Tong Tong Cha is a game that teaches children rhythm and rhythmic patterns by having them play various percussion instruments to familiar tunes. All of these games are entertaining and engaging, but also teach children incredibly important concepts and skills.

The board itself is sturdy, well-made, and attractive. And, because the board can be used to play a wide variety of games (sold separately), the board has excellent long-term play and learning values. Attention Family Game Nights: Prepare to be changed.

Sharon Heuscher   ©2017 Parents' Choice
Sharon holds B.A.s in English Literature and Ancient Studies as well as a B.S. in Psychology. She is currently a masters-level trainee in Clinical Psychology specializing in neurodegenerative diseases. For the past thirteen years, Sharon has focused primarily on raising, educating, and nurturing her five children who range in age from three to thirteen.

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