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Despicable Me 3™ Linked Up Game

Despicable Me 3™ Linked Up Game

Fall 2017 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Wonder Forge Inc.
Price: $14.99

The Despicable Me 3 Linked Up game is a strategy game of connect the dots, er, minions. Designed for 2 -4 players ages 6 +, the game is simple to learn, invigorating to strategize and fun play.

Players assemble the four piece game board (many ways to do do), sort the four lengths of links by color and place for all to access. From a well shuffled deck, each player draws three cards and places them face up and then takes one link of each color. Play a link to connect two minions shown on the upturned cards, and take the cards that match the pictures you linked. Refresh the cards so all players have three. Play a link, or take a link. Repeat. A two or three player game requires collecting four of a kind to win, and a four player game requires collecting three of a kind.

Sound easy? Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. But it's always fun and frequently challenging.

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