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Thor: Ragnarok – LEGO Thor Vs. Hulk Arena Clash Set

Thor: Ragnarok – LEGO Thor Vs. Hulk Arena Clash Set

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 7 - 14 yrs.
Price: $59.99

Thor vs. Hulk Arena Clash is a 492-piece Marvel Comic Lego set that features four miniature figures, Thor, Loki, the Grandmaster, and a Sakaarian Guard; interchangeable wall-sections, an arena with a sliding gate, a secret weapon rack, two toppling pillars, an opening prison cell, and scores of additional pieces.

Building blocks sets like this are excellent for a honing a variety of developmental skills including, but not limited to, following of instructions, sequencing, planning, fine motor movement, and hand-eye coordination. As children follow the directions and sometimes have to trouble shoot, they develop and strengthen their problem solving skills; and, as they play out movie scenes and stories of their own, they are engaging in creative and imaginative play that is essential for their development. In addition, the product has extended long-term play value as children can build the set as designed or they can build creations of their own. They can play with the set alone or in conjunction with other Lego sets. And, although we typically shy away from toys that feature weapons, battles, and the like, the versatility in this set, coupled with the obvious comic book tie-ins, make this a fun recommendation for budding super heroes.

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