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Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Steam Train

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Steam Train

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Price: $59.99
Waffle Blocks Steam Train Kathy Smith SILVER Posted

This Made-in-America 177 piece Waffle Blocks Steam Train set powers young builders in many ways. This pretend play set calls upon and improves fine and gross motor skills, color recognition, math (sorting, counting), individual or cooperative play, sharing, following directions, problem solving, beginning building and design, vocabulary, and simple assembly.

As the child's abilities develop, so do the possibilities for creativity and design. We stacked blocks into buildings, laid the track and took train trips, observed the landscape and those who dotted it, and inspected the engine upon the return to the station.

For the young preschooler, the instruction booklet is age appropriate and requires no reading; the well-illustrated, easy-to-follow design ideas will challenge the child's problem solving abilities. Ideal for classrooms and large play spaces, this well priced set includes 171 Blocks, four figures, two animals, 12 feet of track and a mesh storage bag. Real steam and train sounds can be made with the help of 3 AA batteries, not included.

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Kathy Smith has been leading preschool classes through playful learning for more than 25 years. Her tales of "Who is messier, 'Miss Kathy' or the children?" is a comedy act in the making. Family friendly, of course.

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