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Nanea Mitchell Doll & Paperback Book

Nanea Mitchell Doll & Paperback Book

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: American Girl
Price: $115.00

The latest addition to the American Girl BeForever line, Nanea Mitchell comes to us from 1941, Hawaii'. Her story, as told in the accompanying book, touches on life on the islands after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Outfitted in authentic 1940's fashion, she comes dressed in a traditional Hawaiian "pake" shirt and "moku" shorts. Standing 18" tall, with a soft body, beautiful hair and wide-eyed facial expression our young testers took Nanea everywhere. In addition to the accolades for the doll, our testers appreciated the important history lesson, as well as the focus on kindness the story offered.

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