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Lassie Come-Home

Lassie Come-Home

1995 Picture Books
Ages: All Ages
Author: Rosemary Wells
Illustrator: Susan Jeffers
ISBN: 0-8050-3794-2
Hardcover Price: $16.95
An unorthodox picture-book text, to be sure, but this sensitive rendition of Eric Knight's 1938 classic about the much-loved collie that refuses to be separated from her young master is sure to win a large, latter-day audience of younger listener/viewers. Stark poverty - a subject much in the news today - forces a jobless Yorkshire miner to sell his son's dog for hard cash. Without a maudlin word, Wells relates the saga of Lassie's unbelievable trek across Scotland and part of England to find her old home. And Jeffers' grave, deeply felt illustrations eloquently capture the harshness of poverty and the high drama of Lassie's incredible journey. The book's uplifting message that - just occasionally - love does conquer all is yet another plus.
Selma G. Lanes   ©1995 Parents' Choice

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