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Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures

Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures

Fall 2001 Doing & Learning/Toy
Ages: 6 & Up
By: Anne Akers Johnson
Manufacturer: Klutz
Price: $9.95
Through the years people around the world have twisted string in their hands to make images related to their everyday life. This book illustrates many of these figures with step-by-step illustrations that are the next best thing to a slow-motion video. Some string figures are done alone; others evolve into different figures as they are passed back and forth between two players. With practice, the partnership that leads from cat's cradle to bed, candle, manger, and cat's eye can be a graceful pas de deux for the hands.
Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2001 Parents' Choice

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