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Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes / Las nanas de abuelita

Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes / Las nanas de abuelita

Spring 2001 Paperback
Ages: 3 - 10 yrs.
Compiled By: Nelly Palacio Jaramillo
Illustrator: Elivia
Translator: Nelly Palacio Jaramillo
ISBN: 0805046445
Paperback Price: $6.95
Can you roll your r's? Then try this rhyme:

Erre con erre cigarro
Erre con erre barril
Rápido corren los carros
Cargados de azúcar
Al ferrocarril

This collection is not so much nursery rhymes in the English sense as word games, riddles and tests of linguistic and lingual dexterity, such as above, to enrich a child's knowledge of Spanish. Cheerful watercolors enhance the text's playfulness. Thanks to the competent translations, English speakers also get a chance to test their skills.

Ina Rimpau   ©2001 Parents' Choice

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