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Pepper Ann

1999 Television
Ages: 6 & Up
Producer: ABC, Inc.
A clever, funny, Saturday morning animated series featuring the adventures of a 12-year-old girl. Factor in that Pepper Ann is the oldest child of a single, working mother, and you have a show that’s a lot more radical (and overdue) than it might first appear. Creator Sue Rose has drawn on her own childhood memories to come up with this spunky, quirky teen. Pepper Ann is as wonderfully out there and over-the top as her raucous theme song (brilliantly performed by voice-over artist Kathleen Wilhoite.) She and her grade seven pals are on an eternal quest for coolness. Watch them take this roller coaster ride of adolescence with your kids—there’s plenty there to amuse the whole family.
Ann Oldenburg   ©1999 Parents' Choice
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