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Turbo Twist Vocabulator

Turbo Twist Vocabulator

Spring 2002 Doing & Learning/Toy
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Price: $34.99
With three different games and varying difficulty levels, this tech learning "toy" uses music, graphics and sound effects to teach word meanings, prefixes and suffixes, and other vocabulary lessons. Games are played against the clock, and the action is fast-paced with an emphasis on improving one's personal best. The difficulty adjusts to the player's skill level, and word lists and definitions are expandable with downloads from Volume is controllable (a very big plus), and there is a headphone jack.

Vocabulator looks like a toy, but don't be fooled by its brightly colored body and game-show emcee voice. The construction is sturdy, and the educational value is first-rate.

Carolyn Gershovich   ©2002 Parents' Choice

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