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iQuest Interactive Talking Handheld

iQuest Interactive Talking Handheld

Spring 2002 Doing & Learning/Toy
Ages: 11 & Up
Manufacturer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Price: $99.99
Like its Vocabulator cousin, the iQuest Interactive Talking Handheld is an expandable toy with strong educational content.

It fits well in the hand and looks more grown-up and "real" than other PDAs made for children. The keyboard is laid out in QWERTY order, which is infinitely more practical than an ABC layout. The Pop Quizzes are extremely challenging, and the Dictionary and Calculators are very handy. The Schedule and Address Book are in line with similar features found on adult handheld units. The iQuest effectively spans the gap between children's toys and adult tools.

The Mind Station, which is used to download content from the web site, is a very nice compliment to the iQuest and it can also be used with the Vocabulator. However, is $100 too much to spend? Difficult to say for certain. The price is not out of line when one considers that the box contains two pieces of electronic equipment.

One thing is clear: This is a terrific piece of equipment and a truly fun learning tool. It is enjoyable, practical, expandable, and will likely be heavily used throughout the suggested age range.

Carolyn Gershovich   ©2002 Parents' Choice

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