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The Tiniest Giants: Discovering Dinosaur Eggs

The Tiniest Giants: Discovering Dinosaur Eggs

1999 Picture Books
Ages: 9 & Up
Author: Lowell Dingus
Author: Luis Chiappe
ISBN: 0-385-32642-4
Hardcover Price: $17.95
This science adventure - a factual account of a 1997 trip to Patagonia in search of fossil birds and their dinosaur relatives from some 75 million years ago - provides an absorbing introduction to paleontology. It also affords a fascinating insider's look at the hard work, tedium and, sometimes, rewarding surprises that are the lot of dedicated scientists. The authors were members of an expedition that uncovered the first embryonic dinosaur in which the skin had been entirely preserved. It wasn't at all what they had setout to do, but scientific advances are not predictable ahead of time. The writers' own revealing photographs from their trip are crucial to making the unexpected findings accessible to a general reader. It may come as a surprise to learn that the first dinosaur fossils were discovered only 150 years ago, or that today's hummingbird and ostrich eggs are actually direct descendents of dinosaur eggs. Attentive readers will be amply rewarded.
Selma G. Lanes   ©1999 Parents' Choice

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