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R.G.B. Round-Up

R.G.B. Round-Up

Fall 2002 Puzzles
Ages: 12 & Up
Price: $12.95
This circular dissection puzzle can be rearranged in multiple ways, even (surprisingly) with one or more arc segments from the circumference repositioned to the interior. Eleven pleasant-to-the-touch tiles have various combinations of straight, convex, and concave sides. In addition, many "corners" have a red, green, or blue dot.

The challenge is to arrange the tiles into a circle that meets one of three different criteria for how many pairs of which color dots must be next to each other. Although some testers were able to find the solutions independently, those who worked in pairs or threesomes found that one person's insights helped another go to the next step. Solutions are on the company website, together with two bonus challenges.

Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2002 Parents' Choice

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