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Old Century Baseball

Old Century Baseball

Fall 2002 Games
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $129.95
I have seen the past of video games and this is it. Made entirely of handsomely crafted dark woods, Old Century Baseball is a true throwback to an era when batteries not only weren't included, they weren’t needed. This retro pinball-style tabletop baseball game (27 inches by 27 inches by 8 inches tall) has the look of the old ballparks, that nostalgic and quaint appearance of an Ebbitts Field or Wrigley.

In this low-tech competition, players pull a spring-loaded pinball shooter to fire the steel ball into play and then work the baseball-bat flipper to score singles, doubles, triples and homeruns--even grand slams. And, yes, to make outs if the ball falls in the six larger holes.

Replay value is good--especially for kids who love baseball--though it takes a little practice to get the right touch for scoring runs. The only drawback to the game is the over-$100 price; the manufacturer considers this a quality-crafted, archival collector's game and not just a toy.

The game is also a great introduction to keeping box score of real baseball games. Included is a score book with scoring instructions. Players are supposed to keep box scores, batter by batter, inning by inning. Of course, it's not required. Players--especially younger ones-- can just keep score on the games spinner score board and focus instead on the old-fashioned pinball play that's fun and a different kind of fantasy baseball. A 19th-Century fantasy.

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