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Nancy Drew:  Stay Tuned for Danger

Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

Spring 2000 Software
Ages: 10 & Up
Price: $29.99
You actually are the legendary teenage detective in this superb role-playing investigation. This second digital Nancy Drew case sends the girl gumshoe to New York City when her friend Mattie Jensen, one of the stars of the daytime soap opera “Light of Our Love,” asks for help in discovering who’s sending death threats to daytime TV hunk Rick Arlen. But it’s a hard case to crack: the mystery maze Nancy (you) must prowl and prod includes a host of suspects—from Dwayne, Rick’s fired agent, to Lillian, the jealous director, to Mattie herself, once the love of Rick’s life. All of them have plenty of motives to knock off Rick. The animations and 3-D sets are feasts for the eye—rich, compelling and at times as realistic as photographs. The dialogues, which provide Nancy with optional answers, are smart, at times humorous, and loaded with clues, dead-ends and trickery. While the Myst-like first-person navigation using the magnifying-glass cursor takes some getting used to, the plot is deftly developed with believable characters, an ominous soundtrack, and a mystery thick with suspense. Despite three levels of difficulty, it requires hours of analytical thinking and retracing steps in search of missed clues. No actual violence occurs, no sexual content either—meaning it’s a great game for a teen intrigued by mystery.
Don Oldenburg   ©2000 Parents' Choice
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