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Race to the Roof/ Le premier au grenier

Race to the Roof/ Le premier au grenier

Fall 2002 Games
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Price: $19.99
The object is to be first to reach the attic skylight by an exact roll of the die, but on the way there are detours while players search the house for hidden objects. The attic is at the top of the playing board, and below it are 16 randomly placed"room" cards. There are also 20 "chance" cards, each showing an object in the house. A player who rolls a "6" draws a chance card and must find the object, which may be smaller and somewhat hidden (but other players may help in the search). When the object is located, the player moves his pawn to that room, which may be either ahead or behind where he was. The game is engrossing because luck changes, and no one can predict who will win.

In addition to picture-matching, children are also practicing logical thinking, as they decide whether they're more likely to find the teapot, for example in the bedroom,, playroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

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