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Wake, Snake! Children's Stories and Songs of the South

Wake, Snake! Children's Stories and Songs of the South

1999 Storytelling
Ages: 7 & Up
Performed By: J. J. Reneaux
ISBN: 0-87483-536-4
CD Price: $12.00
With the rise and fall of her charming Cajun cadences, with the addition of personal reminiscences and well-chosen musical accents, nationally noted storyteller J.J. Reneaux tells tall tales about clever Lapin, a rabbit who knows how to satisfy his sweet tooth; about conceited Possum and how she got her comeuppance and her naked tail; and about cunning Dog, who earned the wrath of Alligator. Reneaux introduces each trickster tale and folk legend with vivid childhood memories: of summer night camp-outs and summer storms; swatting flies for pennies; and Saturday mornings filled with "dew-washed grass," Mighty Mouse cartoons, and blackberry picking. In this beguiling collection Reneaux once again proves her gift for downhome enchantment.
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