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Blue Moon Soup

Blue Moon Soup

Spring 2000 Non-Fiction
Ages: 4 & Up
Author: Gary Goss
Illustrator: Gerardo Suzan
ISBN: 0-316-32991-6
Hardcover Price: $16.95
Blue Moon Soup is nurturing for the eyes, the tummy and the soul. Nostalgically illustrated by Jane Dyer with well-researched recipes by Gary Goss, this book can be cherished by the cook and the non-cook alike. Recipes are delightfully named “You Can’t Elope”, a cold cantaloupe soup, “Peace Soup” made with peas and “Sob Soup” made with onions.

This is not a cookbook for beginners. It requires some sophisticated ingredients (saffron, lamb shoulder, Gruyere cheese) and some advanced cooking techniques. It is, however, worth the reader’s while to take the time at the market and in the kitchen.

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