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Cooking with Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

Cooking with Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

Spring 2000 Non-Fiction
Ages: All Ages
Author: Jules Harter Bass
Illustrator: Debbie
ISBN: 1-84148-041-X
Hardcover Price: $16.95
Grand-Ma-Ma Flora, Squat, Haggis, Gorse and Meathook, help Herb the Dragon prepare such vegetarian specialties as Spaghetti Sandwiches (a frittata of pasta, eggs and cheese), Veggie Sailboats and Radical Dragon-Salsa.

Measurements and some terms may need to be “translated” from the British, although most are easily understandable (and a great way to get metrics into the conversation). Children 12 and up should be able to follow the recipes, even if some of the manipulative skills will require an adult’s tutelage.

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